Committee Members


  • Founder Member of the MDDA and current treasurer
  • Retired special needs tutor


  • Members / subscription secretary
  • B Ed (Hons)  Certificate in Specific Learning Difficulties.  Special Needs teacher at a local primary school with special interest in study skills, helping learners to learn and revision skills
  • Joint Chairman of MDDA with Sue K


  • Helpline Officer
  • Certificate of Education, OCR/RSA level 7 certificate in Teaching and Assessing Learners with a Specific Learning Difficulty (Dyslexia) with a special interest in diagnostic assessments, supporting dyslexic learners and dyslexia from a parent’s point of view.  Ex special needs lecturer in further education

Sue K

  • Training Adviser
  • Specialist Teacher
  • Private tutor
  • Joint Chairman of MDDA with Gina


  • 35 years experience of SEN
  • Experienced Senco
  • Local tutor and member of Patoss