Welcome to our Resources


The resources are kept in Marlborough Library and are available whenever the library is open.

Books are kept on shelves in the children’s area. Games are stored in boxes at the rear of the library and you need to ask permission of the librarian to go there. This is never a problem.

To use Restricted Tests you need to establish your qualifications and have your name added to the list of approved users.

Use of the database

Details of items in the resource may be accessed by entering any of the following:-

  1. Author

  2. Title

  3. Category. Items are classified under the following headings and may appear in more than one category.

    • Information - on all aspects of dyslexia and some other learning difficulties (eg. dyspraxia)
    • Spelling - on teaching of , techniques for learning, exercises, etc.
    • Reading Skills - reading skills from different aspects, exercises to practise, structured schemes, etc.
    • Reader - books for further practice, and for pleasure.
    • Maths - from nursery level to adult
    • Handwriting.
    • Study Skills - note taking, revision advice, memory improvement, etc.
    • Language Skills - improving written material e.g. stories , essays, letters, etc.
    • Games - for all skill areas.
    • Tests - some are restricted to qualified users.
  4. User. The suggested user is indicated and an item may have more than one target group. These are Teacher, Parent, Child, Adult.

  5. Medium. The medium of each item is given. This may be Book, Game, Tape, Video, Other (e.g. wooden letters for tactile learning)

  6. Publisher. The names of the original publishers are also included but the item may now be out of print or the firm have been taken over by another.

All entries have comments on the content, purpose, style, etc. of the item as further guidance as to its suitability for the intended user. Cross references are given where appropriate.