Indicators Of Dyslexia

Indicators of Dyslexia

Please remember that not all children reach the developmental ‘milestones’ at the same time. We are all individuals. However, research shows that dyslexic children need to be identified as early as possible so that individual educational programmes can be designed to help with remediation. Children are not usually formally assessed until they are around seven years old. This does not mean that remediation should be delayed as children have a greater capacity for learning in their early years. In Wiltshire primary schools all class teachers should be aware of possible dyslexic children in their class – at least 10% may be dyslexic. Teachers should then use the Wiltshire Early Screening for Dyslexia system (WESFORD) to assist children as soon as possible – school should seek advice and support from Wiltshire Council’s SSEN Department.  Parents’ can request that the school seeks additional support.


The Marlborough and District Dyslexia Association supports the British Dyslexia Association’s Definition of Dyslexia and a link to this definition can be found here:

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